San Jose Chiropractor SCORE ClinicSearching for a chiropractor in San Jose CA? You have arrived at one of the most diverse and up to date facilities. SCORE Clinic is dedicated to assisting its patients in recovering from their injuries and maintaining optimal health. We believe in the art of healing through physiotherapy, chiropractic, rehabilitation, massage therapy and exercise.

Each patient’s treatment is tailored specifically to that patient’s needs and goals. By using the latest equipment and techniques, patients receive the best care available. The rehabilitation room is filled with state of the art equipment as well as the treatment rooms, such as the Triton DTS Table.

The doctors are using the newest treatment methods such as Active Release Technique and Graston Technique, as used on pro athletes.

Other Services

In addition to the chiropractic services, we also offer physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, and personal training. Each discipline works in conjuction with the doctors to help you achieve your health goals. SCORE Clinic is more than just a chiropractor in San Jose, we are a leading clinic with the most varied options in medical care for you. In addition, we work in conjunction with the Bay Area’s leading orthopedic surgeons and medical doctors. We also have a direct referral with Sunnyvale Imaging Center.

Body by Vi

SCORE Clinic is proud to announce its affiliation with Visalus Sciences, the most effective Weight Loss System available. Body by Vi provides you with a simple results oriented program.    If you’d like more information regarding Body by Vi please visit our personal website at http://scoreclinic.bodybyvi.com.

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept most HMO, PPO, Kaiser and Medicare Insurances. We are an in network provider for most insurances. Contact our offices to find out your insurance benefits. Most benefits can be verified within one day.