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In our time as San Jose Chiropractors we have been blessed to treat many types of patients. Our beliefs in non-surgical, drug free options have helped our patients remove pain. Below are just some of the testimonials we have received in our time.

Paul “The Headhunter” Buentello
blog from his website

Scoreclincic Testimonials“This week was a rough one, but many thanks to score clinic. They have always been the guys in the darkness in all my training camps. Dr. O has always had an open door policy for me to run, walk or hobble right in to fix what hurts. They are one of the reasons why I have my training camps in San Jose, Ca. Little background on the Score Clinic. I, have being going to score scents the King Of The Cage days. They help me stay together for the world title fight for King Of Cage. It has been a long road with these guys here at Score Clinic. As for today, they are my main sports doctors here in the bay area.

With the long relationship that, I have with score clinic. Dr. O allowed me to open the door for all of Aka’s team to get all their bumps and burses fixed.
Well guys just wanted to let you know that I’m still one hundred percent and healthy for my UFC 107 fight thanks to the guys at score clinic. So if you guys get a chance to call or even email them for me, just to say thanks for all their hard work and keeping me together for my return to the UFC 107″

“Thank you for keeping us running.”
“The journey would not have been possible with out your help. Thank you.”

Janine and Tony G.
2002 Ironman Canada Finishers

“Thank you for taking care of my knee and my team, UsH!”
Cung Le, Cung Le Martial Arts Training Centers
ISKA San Shou Champion

Scoreclinic Testimonials“Thanks for all the help fixing my body.”
Rudi Ott, UsH Fight Team Captain
San Shou Middleweight World Championship

“I got a neck injury and was very skeptical about going to a chiropractor, when I was recommended to SCORE Clinic, believe it or not, I had jitters about going. Never the less, the pain made me go. I could not move my head at all. The treatment and care I received at SCORE Clinic was unbelievably attentive, professional and caring. After treating me for two or three days, the doctor felt that I needed an MRI before he continue my therapy. I’m glad he did because a bulged disc was discovered. My disc got back to normal in a matter of 2-3 weeks and within a month I was back to normal. I couldn’t believe that from all that pain I went to no pain and back to work…Thanks to all the staff.”
Aaron C.

“For the last three years, the doctors at my HMO had been prescribing antibiotics which eventually gave way to pain killers before finally telling me that I may have to live with my painful yet unexplainable condition for the rest of my life. I cannot describe to you how difficult it was to function everyday with constant pain in my lower back, hip and groin area…The taxing effects chronic pain can have on you mentally can be absolutely paralyzing making it difficult to do even the most menial task…You were able to identify almost instantly what was causing my pain. Though the treatment was difficult to endure for a few seconds at a time, the effects were almost instant in that the pain was gone and has not returned to this day. It’s hard for me to describe how grateful I am to have found SCORE Clinic. You have truly been a gift to me and my family. Thank You!!”
Joe S.

Scoreclinic Testimonials“Thank you for helping me keep my body working like a machine!”
Ernie Reyes Jr.

I was awakened early one morning with extreme pain in the lower right side of my back and lower front abdominal area. I assumed it was a back strain from my kickboxing class…That night at 9:00pm I was back in the emergency room with even more severe pain that I could not possibly stand another minute. Never have I had such pain in all my life… They did some ultrasound and x-rays and around 2:00am I was sent home with muscle relaxers and Ibuprofen. I went to SCORE Clinic where I received ART (Active Release Technique). The treatment is a slightly painful process and I had some soreness from it afterwards but the muscle spasms stopped and I can honestly say that I went from severe, extreme, unbearable pain to very little soreness in just a couple of days. The spasms never returned…Thank you Dr. Omura for caring enough to take an active role in helping me to get better rather than covering the problem with medication and sending me on my way.
Shelly G.

Score Clinic LPGA“Thanks for all the care for my back. I couldn’t have done it without you!”
Jenelle Gomez

“I am 53 years old and have had plantar problems for a total of 3 and one half years. I have been treated in many conventional methods with no real success until I came to SCORE Clinic. Brad Schmidt in my humble opinion has taken on my problem as though it were his own pain. Brad is such a talented and caring individual worthy of giving his name to my friends who have similar issues. Brad is a personable man and he makes a sometimes painful visit to your office a pleasure, especially when I see and feel such great results.”

Irvin L.

“I am a 67 year old woman in generally good physical shape. In mid July, I was experiencing severe neck/shoulder muscle pain…A fellow tennis palyer suggested I go to SCORE Clinic…I have no doubt the ART treatments he gave me is what improved my condition. If I do have future problems with this affliction, I will not hesitate to return to SCORE to have those treatments again.”

A satisfied patient

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